Greenfield Cooperative Bank COVID-19 Updates and Information

As we continue to actively monitor the impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) we hope to keep our customers and staff as informed as possible. Live updates will be posted on this page, as well as our social media accounts, as they occur.

Financial Institutions are considered essential businesses. Please read below for details about the accessibility and restrictions of our services.

Greenfield Cooperative Bank's Plan for Reopening Lobbies
Effective Monday June 1, 2020, all the Bank’s branch lobbies will be re-opened for public access. We will require everyone to follow safety standards set by the state, including face masks for staff AND customers (except children under age 2), use of hand sanitizers, and following proper social distancing. Before any transaction is completed, tellers will ask each customer to pull down their mask for a second to do a “security camera” smile. This is to record who was in the lobby as additional security for all customers and staff. The bank has posted signage and will limit the people in our lobbies to ensure proper social distancing.

Effective as of June 1st, 2020: All our branch lobbies will open for limited public access. This means we will limit the number of people in our lobbies for all banking services. Anyone who comes into our lobbies must follow safety standards.

Click here to read our full letter outlining safety standards and restrictions

Click here to read our full press release about reopening branch lobbies on June 1, 2020

IRS Stimulus Money
The latest round of stimulus money will be going out as debit cards issued by the Treasury, rather than paper checks. In order to help our customers be informed we are sharing an article, published by the Washington Post. The article clears up some of the confusion customers have had and answers several frequently asked questions, including how to use the card.

Click here to read the Washington Post Article