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FREE e•access Online Banking and Bill Pay on any device

PERSONAL ACCOUNTS - Any of your eligible accounts, such as checking, savings, money markets, CD's, passbook accounts, and loans will automatically be made available to you through GCB e•access online banking. Accounts at other financial institutions may be added for transfer purposes only. A checking account is required for Bill Pay.
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BUSINESS ACCOUNTS - Business e•access services are free, with the exception of stop payment requests (see banking fees page for details) and can be linked to your business accounts at our bank.  A business checking account is required for bill pay.  Business accounts have most of the features of our personal accounts, plus business administrators can entitle additional business users and define account access levels and transaction limits.
A signed business agreement form is required, CLICK HERE to obtain our E-access Business Agreement
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FREE ONLINE BILL PAY - GCB e•access online bill pay offers a very user friendly interface with lots of features. You can retrieve a copy of bill payment checks, place your own check stop payments (standard fees apply) and much more. Funds are not withdrawn from your account until the "deliver by" date. Payments that require a check to be sent will not be drafted directly from your account until the check clears.

POPMONEY PERSON TO PERSON PAYMENTS - PopMoney is an e•access online banking feature designed for paying individuals electronically in a secure environment. It includes a variety of delivery options including 3-day electronic payments to individuals free of charge, next day electronic payments are available at a small fee, and more.

FREE e•access online banking APP with Mobile Check Deposit & Debit Card Instant Freeze

GCB e•access

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• Freeze Lost or Stolen GCB Debit Cards
• Online Service Center
• Realtime Alerts
• Use Quicken or QuickBooks
• Pay Bills Online & Customizable Views
• Transfer Between Accounts
• Make Loan Payments
• Personal Financial Management

LOST OR STOLEN GCB DEBIT CARD? Don't Panic - This feature allows you to instantly freeze and unfreeze your debit card on-demand, through our e-access home banking site and/or mobile app. You can use it if you misplace your card or feel that unauthorized transactions are being processed. You can also use it as an additional security feature by keeping your card "turned-off" when you are not using it. This feature can be accessed on the full e-access site after you log-in by clicking the 'Service Center' tab and then clicking "Deactivate/Reactivate My Card" or on the mobile app after you log-in by selecting "Mobile Services" and then selecting "Deactivate/Reactivate My Card".

IMPORTANT On-LINE SAFETY TIP: Set Up Alerts feature - Our GCB e-access system gives you the option to set up "alerts" to automatically notify you (via e-mail or via text messages) when a specific activity occurs on your account. This allows you to monitor and manage your account safely.

To set up your alerts, simply log into the full version of e-access online. Then select the "Service Center" tab, and click on a link under "Alerts". You then can then "click" on one or more of the options to receive an email alert, a text alert, or both.

You can add customized alerts and reminders, including a notice to you:
· If ANY account activity occurs on your account
· If your account balance goes below a specified low amount or above a high amount
· If you have a Debit Card transaction above a certain amount. You can set the amount for as low ($1) or high ($100 or $500) as you wish
· If any transaction resulted in an insufficient funds fee hitting the account
· If an electronic deposit or direct deposit is made to your account
· If a certain check clears your account

These are just a few of the options. Log into our full e-access site for more details. Please note that transaction alerts can only be set up using the full version of e-access. Also, alerts do not yet contain merchant or dollar amounts in the message, only that a transaction has occurred. Our service bureau is developing enhancements to provide this additional information which we hope to have soon.

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e•access customer support: 24 hours, 7 days a week 877 682-0334 - Offers subject to change without notice.